"White oak, White cedar, copper rivets, silicon bronze fastenings and hardware are used in all of our boats."
This hull design can trace it's roots back to the 1690's on the Thames River. Still prized for its speed and grace.

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Length 13'4"

John Gardner states in The Dory Book "for a rowing sea boat you can't do much better within the 13-foot limit".

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Length 13'

Historically used in the lobster fishery of Maine.  Howard Chapelle used a peapod as his personal tender.

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This Whitehall inspired boat is the prettiest of all.  Compare this to others in it's class and we think you'll agree
Length: 10' 6"
Width: 49
Weight Rowing: 74 lbs
Capacity:380 lbs
Rowing 3,600.00
Sailing: $5,900.00
(Sailing Available Fall 08)
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our custom cabinetry.

To see the mahogany bar, barback, mantel and grand staircase at the Seaview in Dennisport click here

  Michael Baker (Rowing Coach)  
  Photography By Michael Dillon
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