Length: 13'
Width: 49
Weight Rowing: 120
Sailing: 172
Capacity:460 lbs


  This is our most popular boat.  Nothing, absolutely nothing is quite so much fun as simply messing about in a Peapod!  If you have never rowed one you are in for a delightful surprise.  Michael Baker, our rowing advisor, coach, and two time "Head of the Charles Regatta" Gold Medalist states: "The only small boat I have ever rowed so easily and fast is my $8,000.00 practice shell."

The Peapod is believed to have originated in the Penobscot Bay region of Maine circa 1860.  We consider our 13' model (The mold for which was taken directly off a Maine built wooden boat) To be a successful compromise between the much heavier 15' wooden Peapod ubiquitous to the coast of Maine, and the needs of a single hander.  It will handily fit in the back of a pickup

  Peapod: Rowing: $4,700.00...Sailing: $9,000.00