Having spent many years in the shop and on the water with traditional small wooden boats, our choice of new offerings which we consider to be the best of the best are individually hand built to your order.

The fiberglass hulls are beautifully hand laid by Maine craftsmen to our specific weight and strength considerations.  We build with indigenous species of wood and contract only with local suppliers and saw mills.

All the designs we now offer are time proven, successful, safe and versatile.  (according to the coast guard inspection program the 13' Whitewall will float even without the built in airtight flotation compartments)

Our future designs include a 14' power skiff and a 17' Whitehall with a removable sliding seat which will safely carry 2 adults and 2 children.  Our intention is to build your boat to your specs within our design parameters with your personal choice of options.

Your painter may be either fitted through the breasthook or through the bow. This method is backed by a 3" fitted piece of locust set in 3M 5200 marine adhesive and can be used for towing. The setup shown on right is for light towing duty.

  This detail of our Chaimberlain represents the manner in which all our boats are constructed.  The split and crowned breasthook and the quarterkness are fastened using copper rivets.  Shown here is the easily maintained Cetol finish on white oak and the penetrating oil finish on cedar.  The interior of each hull is finished with gel coat.
  The Sprit Rig: For it's area the sprit rig offers the simplest manner.  It combines the lowest center of effort in relation to the sail area, with spars that are extremely light and of a length which may be lashed inside the boat when not in use.  Only 2 lines are needed to control it - The Snotter - which raises the sail peak on the head of the Sprit, and a mainsheet.  It is nothing if not elegant in it's simplicity, power and balance.
  Peapod finished as tender with rope